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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Is Koku Anyidoho ‘Losing It’ Over The Ndc? Silent Treatment From Mahama Makes Him Desperate

Koku Anyidoho is not having it cool with himself and the national democratic congress. The Ndc are having massive trolls and insults from the former deputy general secretary. He was thrilled to know that the families of the late president Mills will be visiting the asomdwee park on the 10th of August, a day he was laid to rest. He sounds thrilled yet making complains and allegations that nobody seems to understand.

The former president has ignored him and so has the national democratic congress and its officials. They have disregarded him and his rants and this seems to be getting to him. Koku Anyidoho revealed that the Ndc and Mahama should be blamed for the hardships he put the late president through.

Nobody however has evidence to back these false news and this is something Koku has vowed to prove and also never let go. The silent treatment from Mahama seems to be doing a number on him as he sounds and acts desperate and in search for a reply to spark a brutal verbal or political battle between them.

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