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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Time Has Come For You To Ask The Agric Minister These Questions – Johnnie Hughes Serves Notice

Host of TV3 New Day show, Johnnie Hughes has once again sent another message to President Akufo Addo.

Addressing some issues on Johnnie’s Bite show this morning, Johnnie Hughes revealed that the more this NPP administration say that they are solving agricultural issues, the bigger the problems or issues become. He explained this and revealed that the government spends over ¢600 million each year on the Planting for Food and Jobs initiative and yet prices of food at various markets keep increasing.

He sent messages to the president to question the Agricultural Minister whenever there is a cabinet meeting. He urged the president to ask the minister to give the exact locations where the food has been planted in the country. He also urged the president to ask the minster to give him reasons why the country still imports rice, soya and millet. Aside these, he also urged the president to ask the minster to explain the reason why all poultry farmers in the country are “crying” because they can’t feed their livestock.

According to Johnnie Hughes, the monies government spend each year in the agricultural sector seems to yield no result at all.

We can’t buy rice, millet and soya. So the five things that we said we spend over ¢600 million each year to plant and even bragging that we are giving farmers subsidies for fertilizer. When you go to the market, you can’t buy them. So where is the food we planted.”

Somebody should be asking the Agric Minister and if in our cabinet meeting the president has not asked him, he should be asking him. It is time. cabinet has already met this week, next week, he should be asking him” he said

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