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Monday, August 8, 2022

Puskas Award contenders for the best goals of the year in 2022.

As you know, the Puskas Award is given for the most beautiful goal of the year and we want to keep a dairy of the contenders for this prize in 2022. This is the first part of this year’s most incredible goals.

List of players below are the beautiful goal contenders that are likely to win the 2022 Puskas Award.

Chelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic In the 2nd January scored a fantastic goal from outside the 18 yard-box against Liverpool.

Alexis Mac Allister goal is also added to the beautiful goal contenders list because looking at the assist and the Mac’s one-time explosive shoot from the back of yard to right side of the net was a fantastic.

Ciro Immobil scored this goal in 15 January with his left foot after receiving a back pass-assist from Savic as he calmly placed the ball into the net.

Allan Saint-Maximine scored a solo-goal after he took the ball from the opponent half and also by-pass two defenders which followed by an explosive shot to the first pole of the net.

There is also a goal from the Barcelona Golden boy, Pedri, as he received the pass which he calmly beats two defenders and put the ball into the back of the net.

Watch more from the video to see the remaining fascinating goals that are likely to contest for the Puskas Award 2022. Which one Did you see as the best goal?


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