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Monday, October 3, 2022

Van Vicker Celebrates His 45th Birthday With This Beautiful Video Of Him And His Daughter

It’s the 45th birthday of the godfather, Van Vicker and he has shared a beautiful video with his daughter to celebrate the day which we all love to some extent.

Van Vicker and his daughter engaged in a challenge that allows any of them who wins to slap the other and his daughter didn’t consider the fact that her father was standing in front of her and gave him a slap when he lost to her twice.

Van Vicker also got the chance to win twice and he also slapped his daughter the same way which makes the game very fun but some people tried drawing morality into it which to some extent we think they are right but then also, it’s a father-daughter affair.

Some people are of the view that Van Vicker allowing his daughter to slap him is against the African culture because a child doesn’t raise the hand against his/her elders but then also this is just a game and not that he’s teaching her to be raising her hands against her elders.

video below;

Source: www.GHgossip.com

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