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Friday, August 19, 2022

7 Well Analysed Straight Win Football Games To Rely On.

Marseille football club vs AC Milan football club

Marseille football club has not been able to get a win in their last pre-season match. They have had a poor run. They have just 37% form. And their performance on the field is very poor. But AC Milan football has had an excellent run in their pre-season matches with an 87% win rate. They have been really good on the field of play and they possess the ball very well. Without wasting much time, I’m going to ask you to go for a straight win for the away team AC Milan football club.

Manchester United football club vs Rayo Vallecano.

Manchester United football club has had a good run in the pre-season until today July 30, 2022, Atletico Madrid end their pre-season campaign with a win against Manchester United. Manchester United will face Rayo Vallecano tomorrow and I hope they come into this game stronger. A straight win for Man U.

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