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7 Unaware Things Women Do To Control Men. Don’t Be A Victim

Sometimes you may think it is your personality and you should go ahead with it since it doesn’t hurt or cost a dime.

No, you are the one in the situation and others out there can see clearly. The basic rule I’ll give to every guy out there is to have supportive friends.

Here are 7 things women do to control men:

1. Sex

Why would you have to giver her money after sex? Exchange money with something equally valuable, not the same thing than can be used to take money over and over again.

2. Prove your love

You have to show her that you love her and not prove to her than you do. If you always prove, you are ‘simping’.

Listen, when love is good, it is not conditional.

3. Emotional blackmail

This is almost hard to spot since you are the one in the situation. She’ll tell you an excuse and it wouldn’t make sense. She’ll make sense out if and when you tell another bro, you’d know she’s emotional blackmailing you.

4. Excessive compliment

This is where she comes in to shower you with praises and compliments she doesn’t usually do in hopes of getting something out of you.

You know this but you still fall for it. Don’t makes exceptions.

5. Tears

Some guys can’t withstand crying women. When she gets to know this, you are locked up.

She’ll cry almost every time. Learn to be strong guys, soft guys are being taken advantage of.

6. She is always just joking

Some women would say stuffs to get you all mad and emotional, then she come back to say she was ‘just’ joking when she sees your reaction.

Such women are like testers for weak spots in men. When a continues for different scenarios, believe me she’s control you.

Such women also use this means to really say what’s hidden inside them without bearing consequences of what they say.

If this is always at the expense of the other (you, the guy), advice yourself and move away.

7. Dramatic statement

I’m not saying we can’t play, but not all things can be used to play. “You are the only one I’ve ever loved, I’d die if I loose you, you’d never find someone to love you as much as I love you, etc”, women of such calibre are manipulative.

Don’t be a victim guys!

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