Ghana & French Armed Forces To Start Joint Military Training of Troops.

The Ghanaian and French Armies agreed to strengthen their cooperation in joint training for troops in both countries. 

They reached this unanimous agreement when the outgoing French Defense Attache (DA), Lt Col Regis Laporte called on the Chief Staff Officer (CSO) Army Headquarters, Brig Gen Charles Agyemang Prempeh. The CSO commended Lt Col Laporte for his efforts in helping the Army develop the professional capabilities of personnel through various training models and oversea courses. 

He further emphasized that, the Army cherishes such training avenues because they imbibe in personnel best practices and concepts that are applicable in fighting contemporary security threats. Lt Col Laporte, on his part, called for further collaboration between the two armies. He also used the opportunity to introduce the new Attache to the CSO.

Military training cooperation is an essential component of military diplomacy and helps to build close ties with other nations. Such cooperation also helps to strengthen strategic security relationships and address common security concerns. It will go a long way to further enhance both Ghana and French troops lethality in actual combat.

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