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Monday, October 3, 2022

In The Beginning Was Love, Massive Reactions As Kids Were Caught On Camera Kissing

A little boy and girl have spake massive reactions on social media after they were spotted ‘kissing’ each other in a viral pictures. This is a prove that, in the beginning was love because what these kids are doing is unthinkable. Well there is nothing wrong with the picture though but a lot of people have reacted massively to it. Africans are known for its brilliant culture and anything that goes against it sees to be unusual. The viral photos are shown below;

Some of the comments spotted are very funny even though it was seen as compliments.

Kindly check out some of the comments below;

Love is without a doubt delightful when you are with the perfect individual. Individuals regularly become hopelessly enamored paying little mind to what individuals will say or think about them. We as a whole can concur that when your heart is hustling for somebody you love it turns out to be extremely challenging to control yourself and regardless of whether you can’t get the individual will bring about an entire of things.

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The Beginning Was Love
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