Youtube SEO: How to Optimize Videos for Youtube Search

What lies at the core of every social media platform today is the engagement rate facilitated by SEO. No social media platform is restricted to sharing photos, videos, songs, etc. With so many users everywhere, social media platforms have transformed into potential marketing and marketing tools.

Every social media platform is introducing updates and changes in its algorithms to aid the process of digital marketing. Instagram created the business profile features, and so did Facebook. For Youtube, you can target the correct audience using GoogleAd words and various other tools.

All this boils down to the point that SEO plays a key role in determining your reach, besides your content. However, SEO optimization entails several steps. This article will help you understand Youtube SEO optimization in a few simple steps. 

The right optimization boosts organic traffic that guarantees quality engagement. Once you start getting organic traffic, there is no need to buy Youtube subscribers or ask Google for the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers.

How does Youtube SEO function?

Google is Youtube’s parent company and works on the same lines. As a result, like Google, Youtube focuses on keywords to improve your search experience and bring you the right video.

When you search for a topic on Google, you will see some of the blogs and websites line up before others. It is because those are correctly SEO optimized and carry all the relevant keywords.

 Similarly, keywords play a decisive role in optimizing your Youtube videos. 

The right keywords will take your videos to the right audience and help you achieve a high engagement rate. Therefore, you do not need to buy YouTube subscribers. However, keywords should be relevant to your video’s content. Adding unnecessary and irrelevant keywords can affect your visibility and reach. 

As the largest video search platform, one should be careful about the keywords. The key is not more the merrier, but less but more. 

Things to take care of while optimizing YouTube videos

1) Include Keywords in the file name.

The first step is to get the right keyword for your video. You can find the right keyword using online SEO tools or looking at the top players in your field.

Because YouTube cannot correct your video title for you, you require proper keywords. It can not check the content of your video to match it with your title. It will only read the keyword and place your video accordingly.

As a result, if you use too many keywords or the wrong keyword, your video will be grouped with videos belonging to a different niche. It will drop your employment rate.

2) Include appropriate KEYWORDS in your title.

When you search for a video, how do you pick the right one? You glance at the title of the video. Thus, it is crucial to insert the right keywords that are to the point.

Adding unnecessary and too many keywords to your title confuses the search engine and the audience. Remember that the viewer is here to solve his problem and not be impressed by your long and fancy sentences.

Therefore, keeping the title short and to the point draws immediate user attention. 

3) Improve Your Descriptions

Do you know that Youtube limits descriptions to only 1000 characters? However, initially, it displays up to 100 characters. To view more, you need to click the view more option. However, hardly anyone is interested in reading long descriptions.

Therefore, you need to do the job within the first 100 characters. The same rule applies here. Use relevant keywords and insert the appropriate tags to reach the right audience.

Extra Tip: Add CTAs, or calls to action in your video descriptions to make them more effective. To stay up to date on the latest content, encourage viewers to subscribe, like, and share.

4) Include a Customized Thumbnail Image

You can never underestimate the power of visuals to pull attention. While endlessly scrolling through Twitter, don’t you stop at popular memes or pretty pictures? 

Therefore, when it comes to your video thumbnails, curate customized thumbnails that instantly tell the user about the video. 

Add the title in bold, quirky letters and customize the color scheme to create a visually appealing thumbnail. If your topic is interesting, there is a high chance for a user to view your video and engage with it. 

For example, if your video is about the best sites to buy Youtube subscribers, your thumbnail can have a backdrop of Google with your image holding a magnifying glass as if searching for something. The Google backdrop can have this question typed in the search bar. 


We hope that now you must have developed some idea about the Youtube SEO and optimization. Optimizing your Youtube videos as per the youtube SEO is non-negotiable. You can compromise your SEO skills if you aspire to grow your channel and reach.

Channels buy youtube subscribers, views, likes, etc., when they fail or lose hope. However, paid engagement is only good for the initial headstart and can never get you some real audience and quality engagement.