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Sunday, November 27, 2022

How CEO Of Adinkra Pie Has Been Allegedly Cheatin And Disrespecting Anita Boakye After 8 Baby Mamas Revealed

Blogger Cutie Juls sharing her findings about the divorce saga of Anita Boakye and her husband Dwumo, the CEO of Adinkra Pie has disclosed that the man has been cheating and disrespecting her.

Rumors about their marriage crushing just a few months after their extravagant wedding has been circulating with many saying Anita Boakye and her family have sent drinks to the royal family in an attempt to end the relationship but then the drinks weren’t accepted.

This blogger opened our eyes to the attitude of Dwumo, the CEO of Adinkra Pie as she reveals that he has been cheating and disrespecting Anita Boakye by bringing women into their matrimonial home, and unfortunately, the royal family is aware but can’t do anything about it.

According to the blogger, The CEO of Adinkra Pie has over 8 baby mamas yet is still cheating on his hardworking wife Anita with street hawkers and that’s very disrespecting, especially over the fact that he brings them into their matrimonial home. None of these has been confirmed as they’re all alleged and rumors only, we hope and pray it’s not true.

screenshot below;

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