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Thursday, August 18, 2022

I’m about 7 months older than my wife just that I appear to be younger

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The age difference between Andrew of the Keche music group and his wife has now been clarified, by the musician himself claiming that his wife is not older than he is.

Keche After recordings and pictures of their wedding ceremony went viral was said to have married an older woman because of her wealth, but he clarified in a recent interview that his wife isn’t older than him.

He claims that despite the fact that he is around seven months older than his wife, he has been keeping quiet about it since it is irrelevant because he wouldn’t be the first person in the world to marry someone older than him.

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Keche Andrew declined to provide his age or that of his wife, he posited they are of the same year and that he is just around 7 months older than her.

According to him, you would assume that his wife is older than him because he appears to be younger.

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Watch the interview below;

Source: GhBase

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