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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Government Is Burdened, Show Mercy And Call Off Strike – Check Out NAGRAT President’s Bold Reply

Pre tertiary teachers this week began an indefinite strike across the country. the teacher unions are calling for a 20% Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA). They argue that this working condition is long overdue and it was time they sent a strong reminder to the government. Since then the Labor Commission and Ministry of Education have tried to engage the aggrieved teachers to reach a settlement.

The Ministry has appealed to the Teachers to be considerate and return to the classroom. Indeed, they have reminded the teachers that during the Covid-19 closure of schools, government still paid them and so this should be a reason to consider for consideration. Indeed, on TV3’s News 360, Angel Carbonu called on the government to stop using the excuse of providing for the teachers during the closure of schools.

Mr. Carbonu was asked by the TV3 newscaster as to why the teachers are on strike at a time when the country is economically weak and government has run to the IMF for bailout. Interestingly, the NAGRAT leader maintained that Ghana has always been in crises and this crisis didn’t start this week. “We have been in economic crises for so long. I don’t know about IMF and I don’t negotiate with them so don’t ask me intangible questions” Carbonu said.

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