Desperate couple welcome twins after 11 years of marriage

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A Nigerian man and his wife, who have been expecting a child for 11 years, have finally welcomed a set of twins – a boy and a girl.

Kelvin Ejaife Anihwehwe and his lawyer wife, Barrister Ogujor Tejiri have been in a joyous and celebratory mood after welcoming a new addition to their family.

Friends and family members took to Facebook to share the good news and celebrate the couple.

Avwerosuo Eyeboka Obaroefe, the chief bridesmaid who witnessed the wedding of the couple 11 years ago Tuesday, July 5, 2022, wrote: “I celebrate you guys especially because it can only get better and happiness is a choice.”

Rose Ofoyela, a family relative who also welcomed a bouncing baby boy a week ago, shared her joy for the couple writing:

Big congratulations to them