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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Ongoing InterSchools Competition At Ebenezer Senior High

Schools in the secondary sector education, often organize competitions between the various schools. As at now, these schools are are competing against each other. This competition was to commence yesterday the 5th of July, but because it rained the games could not go on. Though, today the games are currently being played.

The venue of the competition is at the Ebenezer Senior High school. The schools taking part in the competition are, Wesley Grammar Senior High School, Margret Mary Senior High School, NASEC, Christian Methodist Senior High School, Odorgonno Senior High, Ebenezer Senior High.

The competition is supposedly to continue through to the end of this week friday. Games being played include, volleyball, football, handball, netball and many others. There will also be a running competition and other games as well.

Authority figures have made sure to enforce strict rules and measures, so as to prevent any collision and fighting.

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