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Friday, August 19, 2022

No Serious Man Would Prefare A Woman With Huge A$$ To A Woman Who Will Help Build Him

Counselor Charlotte Oduro sharing her thoughts about men forcing their women to go for BBL has claimed that no serious-minded man will choose a$$ over building his vision.

Some men meet their partners with flat a$$ and are okay with it at that moment but suddenly develop the pleasure for huge a$$ hence forcing their partners to go under the knife and counselor Charlotte Oduro has branded them as not serious-minded men.

According to her, it’s wrong of a man to force a lady into what he wants as there are ladies with the preference they want hence they should rather go for them rather than force the ones they meet and were interested in to become what they want.

She then hit them hard by sarcastically saying that no serious-minded man will choose a woman with huge a$$ over a woman who will help him build his vision but we guess there are men like that because they just love a$$ and will do anything for big a$$.

video below;

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