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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Democracy Without The Rule Of Law; Never Again – Oliver Barker Speaks.

It is always the desire of Oliver Osagyefo Barker Vormawor to see that the right thing is done in the country for the benefit of Ghanaians. No wonder Oliver Osagyefo Barker Vormawor is a leading executive member for the Fix the Country Campaign group or team in Ghana.

In the early hours of today 5th July 2022, Oliver Osagyefo Barker Vormawor made a bold statement about the type of democracy we are experiencing in Ghana these days. The statement from Oliver Osagyefo Barker Vormawor comes in relation to a post on social media which depict that, Council of state refuses to grant Information request. It is however, unknown about who is trying to sake for information from the Council of state.

Base on this report, Oliver Osgyefo Barker Vormawor is of the view that this is not a true practice of a democracy which is being practiced in Ghana. “Democracy without Rule of law. Never Again”. – Oliver Barker stated.

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