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Business is slow lately- Coffin makers cry out, probably people are not dying enough despite economic hardship » ™

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Coffin makers have been adversely affected by the economic hardship in the country and have voiced out their frustrations in a fresh interview.

Their spokesperson of the group and leader of Kumasi Asafo Coffin makers, Kwame Marfo also cleared the misconception that they are always happy when someone dies because that is when their business booms.

Speaking to Ike De Unpredictable on Kumasi-based Angel FM, Marfo disclosed that death is inevitable hence they won’t pray for anyone to die so they can make sales.

The interviewer asked him how he feels when people die and come to their shops for coffins. Kwame Marfo responded by saying; “Ike, we don’t feel happy when people die but we always pray to God to help us get business, make money and take care of our families.”

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“Praying to God to help us get money doesn’t mean we want people to die or we are happy when people die but death is part of the human journey and no one can escape death”.

Similarly, some coffin makers recently complained that because of the nature of their work, women have stopped accepting their marriage proposals.

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They spoke to Pure FM’s Osei Kwadwo and explained that as soon as the ladies find out the type of work they do, they pull the plugs on the relationship instantly.

According to them, “When we propose to the ladies they will accept our proposal but when they find out we manufacture coffins then they will call for a break up”.

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