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5 Habits That Can Make People Who Are Shy Become Confident

Shyness is a way of being, not who you are or your identity. If they are being shy it is out of what they are thinking and believing about themselves, not the situation itself. We all know that our world has different kinds of people, some of us are extroverts, some are introverts, some are somewhere in-between. Some can handle a conversation with every human, others feel like fainting whenever they are talking to a stranger. Some are great public speakers, while some others hate being the center of attention. The thing is that we are all born with some complexity inside us; well, let me replace that word ‘complexity’ by ‘natural differences’. In today’s write-up, we shall look at five habits which can help make a shy person become confident.

Wearing Beautiful Clothes. Wearing beautiful and great clothes can boost your confidence. People keep eyes on your dressing to know your nature. And that is your dressing which speaks in the ears of people that what kind of person actually you are. If your physical appearance is good, it will make you feel good and more confident.

Smiling. Smiling can creat a feeling of positivity & well-being, helping to boost confidence. It shows that you are friendly & approachable. Also, it activates muscles in your face that tells your brain to release endorphins, which are harmones that make you feel happier.

Take part in social events. A lot of people don’t develop the necessary self-confidence because of the lack of social interaction, yes you read it right!! Interaction is very important and so is human contact. We are born to interact, share ideas and live in an active world not in an enclosed bubble. In order for us to acquire a skill in general, we need to practice it and devote a lot of time and energy to achieving our goal. Nothing comes just like that. Have you ever seen a carpenter becoming a carpenter without years of practicing? Have you ever seen a person becoming a teacher without years of teaching? This applies to all areas of life; that said, if we want to master anything in life, be it a skill, be it a language, we need to familiarize ourselves with it.

Preparation. Preparation is the key to boosting your self-confidence. When you are prepared, you tend to feel less pressure. Preparation gives you a feeling of being in control. It can give you a head start so that you can think and act your best.

Lighten your inner dialogue. Shy people are often very critical of themselves, and their inner dialogue can be very harsh, some things they would never say to others. When you judge yourself harshly, you are more likely to think that others will judge you in the same way. Your inner criticism will bring you a lot of emotional damage and make you lose inner peace and self-esteem. The best way to defeat inner criticism is to have a stronger ally by your side, which is the inner voice of your best friend. When critics begin to blame your fears, remember that although no one likes to be rejected, we can often survive for some reason. When your inner critics start to tell you that no one likes you, remind yourself that you like yourself are the most important thing. By learning to talk to yourself in a gentler way, you won’t have that much power to hurt you in social situations, because you are the best if you don’t punish yourself.

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