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Stop Calling It ” Gap teeth” Or “Open teeth” : This Is The Correct Word To Say

The gap between the upper and lower front teeth is called a diastema. The term “diastema” is the correct word to say when referring to a missing tooth. The word “gap” is used incorrectly, as it describes a space between two teeth.

There are many different reasons for this gap, so it’s important to know how to pronounce it correctly. You can get away with calling it a gap tooth, but the correct term is diastema. You can also say it as open teeth, but that’s also incorrect.

The correct word to use when describing an empty space between teeth is “diastema.” It sounds more scientific, and you know you’re not talking about your pearly whites in the process.

A diastema is a gap between the teeth. It is not harmful, and it appears in children and adults. In children, the gap typically closes when their permanent teeth come through. You’ll find that diastemas are common in all races and ethnicities, but they can also occur during pregnancy or as a result of gum disease.

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