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I am single. Shatta Bundle boldly reveals. Intriguing details.

Fridaus Iddrisu, popularly known as Shatta Bundle, has caused a stir on social media over a video he shared today. The video, which was shared a few hours ago, has received over 23K views.

The Ghanaian internet celebrity, Shatta Bundle, as he is widely known, has made the internet buzz over his surprising revelation today. 

The controversial socialite has exposed his current status to her fans. “I am single,” he said in a video captured by himself. He claimed that in China, if you are single, you can say “war shin tan chan.” He repeated the recitation of the Chinese word again while he bit into a piece of his bread. 

He took to his verified Instagram page to share his post. 

The video has received numerous thumbs-ups from viewers and admirers. Many fans of Shata Bun have responded to his post, while some have commented via the comment section. 

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