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How Many Times Do You Need To Have Sex

Intimacy isn’t something that has a limit. Though many a time, people tend to wonder on how many times people need to be intimate. Intimacy in general, is engaging in intimate activities due to one’s desires and drive. And also for pleasure. Couples whom are married usually have intimacy a lot, and that is why for this question.

Answering the question, there is no exact number of times people need to be intimate. For all we know, people can decide to have intimacy everyday. As there is no limit to intimacy, not unless both partners agree. The two involved in this activity must be willing to have intimacy, if one is not, then intimacy may be withheld.

People can be intimate every day if they want to, as everyone’s drive for intimacy is different from the other. Therefore, there is no number of times that a person is supposed to have intimacy.

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