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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Has Kwame Sefa Kai Lost His Media Touch And Image To The Npp And Politics? Matters Rising

Kwame Sefa Kai receives accusations from members of the national democratic congress on a daily basis because according to them, he is not the man he preaches to be.

They claim he has politicized his comment and insisted that the Npp is right even when they are wrong. He has been accused of making interview questions steered at promoting Nana Addo and making him feel comfortable.

These are the issues of Ghanaians and now, the claim that he is being used by the Npp is going on and on. He is being accused of not only doing what is wrong but also losing his image to the Npp and politics.

Knowing Kwame Sefa Kai for the years he has spent on radio, do you think it is safe for him and his career to go public on his political interests and thoughts whiles doing this business? Will it not go against his credibility and judgement on political matters?

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