KNUST graduate adds modern technologies into father’s craft to attract more clients

Over the years, artisans, particularly auto mechanics with little or no formal education, have found it difficult to attract clients from various organizations and institutions.

After graduating from KNUST, and following his inability to find a suitable job, Richard Adu who has been under the tutelage of his father since childhood as a mechanic, is now changing the narrative and currently has set up an auto interior design company using modern technologies and social media platforms to attract clients from across the country.

In his bid to pass on a family legacy and more importantly to ensure a regular stream of income, Richard Adu has adopted modern and trendy stuff to attract more people who seek to design the interior of their vehicles.

“There are over 1.5 million cars in Ghana. The number of car users is over 2 million. A survey that I did for about 2000 respondents showed that over 65% of the respondents said they will prefer to have their cars as friends than to have human beings as friends. 25% said they will prefer to have a broken arm than to have their cars broken down. So you could see there are a lot of clients who love their cars and would love to customize and would love to improve upon the condition of their car interior. So, upon returning to Ghana, I developed a passion and interest in entrepreneurship and I had to start this company called PRIMAG AUTOWORKS where I use the experience that I had gained from my parents. My dad who is very experienced in the automobile industry helped me in starting this company”.

Richard says he has been attracting clients from all over the country and says he combines his expertise in auto interior design and knowledge attained in school to streamline his operations.

Inspired by this, Richard Adu’s younger brother, 12-year-old Isaiah Adu Gyimah, has also taken to learning more about auto interior designs and has well-developed his craft in the field.

He believes with this background, securing a job in the future will not be difficult.

Interestingly, Isaiah is hoping to build his own car in future.

“I want to build my own cars in future. I want to be like Apostle Kwadwo Safo Kantanka”.

Flowing the integration of modern techniques and setting up of a full-fledged company, Primag Autoworks, has created job opportunities for many.

Richards father, Kofi Adu in addition to working at the popular Kumasi magazine, also works with his son and the team at Krofrom.

The son, Richard Adu wants stakeholders to pay critical attention to the automobile industry since it has the potential of addressing the rising unemployment situation in the country.

“The automobile industry is one area that as a country we should pay much attention to because it generates lots of money. Also, looking at the number of cars that are imported into the country every single year shows that this is an industry that we must take seriously”.

Richard and his father, Kofi Adu are thus calling for partnership from the government and various agencies to help expand the business.

“I urge parents to involve their kids in whatever work they engage in. Aside from working for the government, knowing more about one’s parent’s work, is good. My aim is to train orphans in society to get a form of skill to earn a living. We are therefore calling on government to support us in expanding the business, in order to be able to train more people,” Kofi Adu appealed.