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Man Reveals What His Girlfriend Told Him After Taking Care Of Their Daughter For 16 Years Now

A man by the name of Enoch Owusu reveals what his girlfriend discloses to him after taking care of their daughter for 16 years now. According to the man, his father sent him to Asankoragya in the Western Region to collect the money he earned from his cocoa farm. He met a lady called Abigail Serwaa Boakyewaa well known as Moda at that place, he slept with her on the day he proposed to her. Two weeks later, Moda sent him a letter that she was pregnant.

The man said he was a bit confused because he slept with her once, he then went back to Asankoragya, his girlfriend confirmed that she was pregnant with him, she even assured him that she will not mention his name because of his education. But some weeks later, her parents came to inform his family about the pregnancy and they accepted it and decided to take care of her.

After she gave birth, his father bought 4 pieces of fabric and some clothes for the baby and they performed the naming ceremony. Six years later he got a teaching job at Takyiman but he went to that place with their daughter called Richlove, he explained that her girlfriend didn’t stay with the child because of her bedwetting.

The man said he continued to stay with the young girl but Moda didn’t send any money to the child. After his daughter completed Junior High School, he was not having enough money to help his daughter to further her education but his siblings and father helped him to send the young girl to Senior High School.

Richlove started complaining of eye problems when she got to the school. The man said he sent her to the hospital for treatment before she went back to the boarding house again. Two weeks ago, Moda revealed to him that their 16-year-old girl he has been taking care of all this years is not his daughter. Enoch thought it was a joke but Moda’s uncle called his father to inform him about what Moda told them but his father became angry. It got to a point that Moda threatened to arrest him if he decides to go and visit their daughter at the school.

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