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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Sad News: 32 Year Old Man Dies This Afternoon In A Well At His House.

The rate at which people are dying this month of June is unbearable. Most people die of accidents, electric shocks and others too die prematurely. Most of them are also killed by robbers, family members and other bad people in the society. The main cause of these death cases is accident

Just this afternoon, a 34 year old has been confirmed dead after falling into a well at his house in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The main cause of his death was when his GHS 300 fell into the well at his house. According to reports, this man tried to take his money out of the well and unfortunately, he got drowned into the well. Two hours later, a tenant found him submerged in the well. This made the tenant called for people to rescue the man. After rescuing him, they found out that he is dead. According to reports, his body has been sent to the mortuary.

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