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We Want Textbooks And Our Laptops, Teachers Cry Out

Teachers within the Ghana Education Service (GES) are unhappy with their employer for so many reasons what they (GES) are mute about them. As many teachers at the Primary and Kindergarten levels are eagerly waiting for to receive their laptops, several others are also worried about the delay in publishing and distributing textbooks to learners at the basic level ever since the curriculum was changed about 3 years ago. 

Meanwhile, the GES, who is the implementation agency under the Ministry of Education, seems to act unconcerned or have very little to care about these prevailing challenges facing both teachers and learners.The majority of teachers could not hold their breath after the GES shared a post on their official Facebook page about an agreement signed between them and the 16 Regional Directors of Education. The service revealed yesterday the following information:

“16 Regional Directors of Education sign Performance Contract with the Director-General, Professor Kwasi Opoku Amankwa. It is expected that the Regional Directors will sign the same with the District Directors and Heads of Senior High Schools. The District Directors will also sign the Performance Contract with all Heads of Basic Schools in their District.” 

According to the GES, the Performance Contract will bind the rank and file of the service and is expected to improve learners’ academic performance within the terms stated in the contract. However, the majority of teachers think this is not what they need at the moment, when many things have not been properly put in their rightful place. Below are some of the comments monitored by Bricy Boateng which were shared under the post GES shared.

“Very unnecessary. Provide the schools with the necessary TLMs and things will be better. It’s even difficult for schools to organize exams due to lack of funds and all you know is putting undue pressure on heads of institutions.” Abubakar. 

“So the regional directors fail to tell the director general to provide the necessary funds and textbooks for the smooth running of the schools?” Hannah. 

“Performance contract signing without providing textbooks in the past 3yrs is enough evidence to sack the director general himself. Too many jokes in this country” Laare. 

“Meanwhile, we don’t have textbooks for the new curriculum. No furniture in some basic schools yet they are signing performance contract. What are the teachers going to use to achieve the desired performance you people are looking for? Is it going to be magical?” Fatima. 

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