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The Must Know to Stay Safe in This Season

Whether we like it or not, the rainy season is here with us and may linger until August. As we all know, this season comes with many troubles like cold, cough, mosquitoes and sometimes even death.

That is why it is essential to note these safety tips to enable you go through this season without attracting any of it’s challenges.

1. Avoid walking in the rain

Some people especially children ma see walking in the rain as fun but this increases your chance of getting attacked by a host of bacteria, which can result in a number of viral diseases. 

2. Do not touch electric wires 

Stay away from live electric wires, especially those ones that have fallen off or lying in water as this can cause electrocution.

Furthermore, avoid parking your vehicle under power lines or next to utility poles and avoid touching electrical devices.

3. Eat and drink healthy

Eating and drinking healthy is also crucial during this period. 

In this season, you must maintain a nutritional diet that includes cooked food. Also, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water, and avoid street food and raw vegetables as much as possible.

4. Always carry an umbrella or a raincoat

These two are essential as rain can fall at anytime. These will ensure that your journey is not ruined by the rains and prevents you from being beaten by the rain which can cause you to fall sick or destroy your important documents.

5. Check weather forecast

Always remember to check the weather forecast before you step out of the house to help you prepare well for bad weather that is likely to approach. This can also help you to adjust your plans accordingly.

6. Unplug electronic appliances

It is advisable to unplug electronic appliances during heavy rainfall. This is because voltage fluctuation can damage your expensive appliances. Again, If your wiring gets wet, it can put anyone who touches these appliances at danger so always unplug your electronic appliances.

In conclusion, I would like to say that drivers must always ensure that their wipers are in good shape before heading out to avoid accidents when it is raining because you need the wipers to clean the mirror for a clear vision when it is raining.

Take these tips and you will be safe in this rainy season.

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