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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The 10 Billion Mystery- Is Finance Minister Cloaking The Missing 10 Billion With False Documents?

The finance minister has failed to speak about where the 10 billion that has gone missing in his submission to the Parliament House is. His submissions ended with a total amount of over 10 billion Ghana cedis missing.

This amount is not accounted for and according to the minority caucuses of the ndc, the man is burying the missing money with documents but they’re not ready to accept it.

The accountability of the finance minister is key in ensuring that government is being fair to Ghanaians and is treating them right. If this is the covid-19 expenditure then what happens for other issues that demand national funding? The contradictions and mismatches in data and submissions need to be double checked according to the minority caucuses.

What is preventing the finance minister for giving accurate results and data on the expenditure for the covid-19 fund? Is he hiding the missing 10 billion and the contradictory statements with false documents?

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