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If your girlfriend posses these qualities, then she is the best for you.

Here are some qualities of a girlfriend, that men cherish a lot.

1. She is a good listener

Life is not a bed of roses; there will be times when nothing seems to be right. Even though men are known to be tough, they still need something soft to lean on when they are down. That is the role of a girlfriend. One of the attributes men are looking for in a woman is her willingness to listen to their problems, if your girlfriend possesses this quality then she is the best for you.

2. She knows how to have fun

Everyone has a different definition of fun. No one wants to be with someone who is very conscious and stiff. It is also important that you and your boyfriend enjoy the same activities as video games, if your girlfriend knows how to have fun, then she is the best for you.

3. She has a sense of humor

Another of the important quality of a good girlfriend because you and your boyfriend must treat each other like best friends, and best friends share a good sense of humor. This makes the atmosphere lighter and happier even if some things go wrong or even turn. If your girlfriend makes you feel happy, when you are down, then she is the best for you.

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