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Man who Sent his 21Year-Old Black student lover N374m Defends Himself, Says Her Tiny Waist Caused It

The Belgian businessman, who has made headlines for transferring millions of dollars into his lover’s illicit account, says he does not belong to any money laundering group.

Mark de Mezel, Famous for Felesta Niamtira Case, His Beauty and Gorgeous Waist Make Him Donate Money

Mezel and Niamtira also had a baby in February this year and want the government to unblock their bank accounts

The controversial Belgian, who made headlines in 2021 for giving three Kenyan women millions of dollars, is now defending himself against money laundering charges.

Mark de Mesel stated in court documents that he gave KSh 106 million (N374 million) mainly to 21-year-old student Felesta Niamtira because he fell in love with her beauty.

According to a report by People Daily, the billionaire businessman cited Felesta’s striking beauty, aspen waist and her unconditional love for her as reasons for depositing large sums of money into his bank account.

“The glaring beauty on her as well as her waist made me give her this much money. My pure love for her; in fact, I am willing to do whatever I can to make her live a comfortable life,” Messel said in the documents he filed in court.

In the newspaper, the wealthy man from Oyinbo denied allegations that he was involved in international money laundering crimes, adding that his net worth was clean.

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