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I Was Given About 120 Injections When I Developed A Problem With My Lungs From Chronic Smoking

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Veteran Kumawood actor, Paa George has recounted how he used to smoke more than ten cigarettes stick in a week.

Speaking in a recent interview on XYZ TV, Paa George disclosed that a time came when he had become very sick and was having problems with his lungs.

He had started experiencing the repercussions of his heavy smoking and was constantly finding it hard to breathe.

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” It became very hard for me to breathe so I was sent to the La General Hospital for treatment. I was injected more than 120 times before my lungs became clear of all the toxic chemicals from inhaling the smoke from cigarettes.” He disclosed.

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is a bad combination. If you want to live longer you have to avoid these things. After my lung issues I haven’t had any problems since. I am healthy and happy but my only problem is with my eyesight.” He added.

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