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4 Qualities In Men Which Attract Women The Most

1. strength

The reasons why many women are attracted to and maintain relationships with boys are:

• confident leadership type

• Succeed in everything they do

• Be brave when needed

• good with women and emotions/feelings

• relate to oneself

• smart and clever

• charismatic

• competent

• smart and wise

• male and well developed

is because all of this makes a man quite tough and strong, someone women respect, care about, follow, trust, rely on, and build with.

And as the saying goes: We can’t love someone we don’t respect.

2. Authenticity

Being authentic means not just acting like a man, but actually being a man.

Express yourself and your true feelings to others and don’t compromise or hide behind masks of kindness, violence and false beliefs.

Don’t rely on pick-up techniques to control women and results, know yourself, don’t care what other people think of you and accept it as you are without apologies, both good and bad.

3. Freedom

Freedom from limiting beliefs, from despair of being recognized by others, from lack of resources, from worries and from the roles society places on them.

A man who has gained freedom in spirit, spirit and appearance decides for himself what a real man is, lives his life on his own terms, and relies more on himself than anyone else for what he needs as long as he is open to receiving and asking for his help and support. .

Women usually like this because it shows them that the guy is and won’t let his fears or weaknesses stop him from getting what he wants.

In other words, she doesn’t have to be his surrogate mother and may feel like the woman he wants to be in a relationship with.

4. Governance

Domination can manifest itself in many ways.

Some of them are:

• Set and maintain boundaries. Hold everyone accountable ( women you date and have relationships with) who cross your line, and speak up for yourself.

• Take the lead role in a conversation with a woman.

• Present and listen intuitively.

• Control your emotional response in most situations, or control yourself.

• Make decisions and stick to them with integrity.

4. Growth.

Because growth always means stability and maturity, both qualities that many women seek in men.

A person can be very handsome, over 6 feet tall, have all the money and outward success and sometimes take off, but if there is no personal growth then he never faces adversity, is not humble and he doesn’t know how to recover from failure. and rejection, he will not be able to keep an old woman in his life.

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