Why do you hug your manager but hold your husband’s hand ? Massive reactions as Asantewaa opens up

Actress Vicky Zugah hosted a batch of tick tock superstars on United Showbiz and the reactions from Ghanaians were unbelievable.

The stars on the show included Erkuaofficial, Hajia Bintu, Wesley, Felicia, Jacklin and Asantewaa.

During the show, Asantewaa explained how she became successful on the tick tock platform and how she does not like reading comments on social media due to how some Ghanaians try to bully her. Asantewaa also mentioned that her husband met her on set or whilst she was acting and so her marriage can not be affected by social media.

Whilst Asantewaa was providing her explanation, social media users kept grilling her. A notable one came from Hajj Ibrahim. Hajj was not impressed with Asantewaa due to how she hangs around with her manager on social media. He asked Asantewaa why she hugs her manager in public but hold her husband’s hand in public. Hajj seems not to like Asantewaa’s style but this is social media. What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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