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Afia Schwarzenegger out of fear quickly deletes videos and photos of her Nogokpo visit after warning from Chief Priest » ™

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Afia Schwarzenegger out of fear has quickly deleted videos and photos of her Nogokpo visit following a strong warning from the Chief Priest.

After deleting the video she shot in Nogokpo showing her about to perform rites, Afia Schwarzenegger has finally seen her meeter.

She removed it after receiving a severe warning from the main priest of the Nogokpo temple, which had recently found its way online.

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The chief priest of Nogokpo expressed unhappiness that their practices are being spread all over social media by Afia Schwarzenegger.

In a statement, the priest warned Afia to desist from spreading them over social media and allow the process to go on.

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According to him, many people come to Nogokpo for settling grievances and they all keep their visit under wraps, which Afia failed to do.

He warned her to desist from that and allow the traditional processes to go on.

following the warning, Afia Schwarzenegger took down her video taken at Nogokpo.

She shared it a few days ago to reply to critics insisting she never visited the shrine for any rituals.

Checks on her page show that the video is now gone – like it never existed!

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