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“My Pastor A Woman Introduced Me To A Widower To Be His Wife Not Knowing They Were Lovers; Lucy

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Lucy Njeri a gospel has narrated how her husband was having an issue with their pastor who had introduced him to her as her husband after his wife kicked the bucket and he was left to deal with the small kids that were left behind not knowing they were lovers.

Lucy was brought up in Nyahururu, after completing their secondary education she joined her sister who was working in Nairobi. Her brother invited her to the church they were attending in kariobangi. Lucy joined the church and turned into a part.

While she was still there a man in that church lost his wife and was left to deal with the kids alone, one evening this pastor called her and told her that God has spoken to her and that she will be the second wife of this man who had lost his wife and the pastor petitioned God for them and they started living as husband and wife.

She says that her husband told her not to imagine and that they should raise the 3 kids that were left after the wife kicked the bucket. She had no issue and took great consideration of the kids the husband would spend the nights outside. When she informed the pastor, that she could tell her to stay he would change.

Lucy says that she was extremely determined and one day as she was praying she felt that her husband was cheating when she asked him the following day he confessed to her that he is having an undertaking with the pastor and they were just using her to deal with the kids.

she left the marriage of eight years and the present moment she is a gospel artist she hopes God Will bless her with her husband who will be honest with her and they will make a decent family.

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