Woman turns to horse after sleeping with a married man.

Everyday comes with it’s mysteries. People have lost thier lives in so many ways which include both natural and accidental incidents.

I remember in college, a friend whispered in my ears that where he comes from, Mafi in the Volta region of Ghana, there is a spirit that protect all married women. And to him, if he marries you and you the lady tries to engage in adultery, the gods will either kill you or make you go mad. I never believed such story, I even branded it as a folktale.

But the video I have seen has changed my perception about the use of juju in African society.

A woman has landed herself in serious catastrophe after having sexual encounter with a married man. Indeed the African voodoo that we have neglected and taken after a foreign religion has done another miraculous thing today.

This lady after engaging in sexual activities with a married man has transformed into an animal.

In the video, the said woman could be seen seated with her feet turned to that of a horse and has also developed a tail like that of a horse. She has been surrounded by the community members who are trying to give her some kind of solidarity.

The big question is,will you use such a medicine on your partner if you marry? Drop your reply at the comment box.

This is an advice to all the young gents and ladies who are jumping from one partner to the other to be very careful because you might not know the kind of spell casted upon the person.

Earlier this year, it was reported that a man’s tace had turned to a pig after sleeping with a married woman.

let all be safe

Watch the video below.

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