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Photographer Recorded On Camera Ignoring His Job At A Wedding Reception To Grind A Lady

Photographers are usually employed at a wedding to take pictures and record videos of the groom and the bride. This is a job they charge the couple for and must therefore stay focused no matter the distractions. This is because they might lose sight of a spectacular event at the wedding.

However, the photographer in your picture below has been recorded on camera ignoring his duties at a wedding reception to grind a lady. Watching the video carefully, you can see that both the couple and the guests were busily exhibiting their dancing skills at the wedding.

The lady in the red attire was seen dancing romantically at the wedding. In the course of dancing, the lady touched the shoulder of the photographer. Immediately after touching his shoulder, the photographer put his camera aside and started ‘grinding’ this lady. The lady was seen twerking heavily for this young man as they have fun together.

As they were dancing, another lady joined them. This propelled the photographer to laugh and even get more excited. Some social media users after watching the video said that the photographer shouldn’t be given full pay. How can you ignore your duties at a wedding to enjoy ladies like this? Others were just laughing at the way the photographer was grinding the ladies at the wedding.

You can also watch the video through the link below:


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