A Prodigal Daughter Of The Chamber? Adwoa Sarfo Struggles With Privilege Committee

Adwoa Sarfo has been called out by the members of the chamber, specifically her colleagues in politics and this is because of her absence from parliamentary sittings, not involving in important gatherings and decision makings among others. These are the reasons why people have been on her neck from day one. Apparently, things were different when she was vying for the position. Adwoa Sarfo has been asked by the privilege committee to answer some questions. However, this has been postponed to the 9th day of this month and people are in wait for what will happen.

For a sustainable and consistent growth of this economy, it is only wise and advisable for our politicians to up their game and set things straight and right. There have been attitudes in the Parliament House which have been criticized by the members of parliament and the public. However, these things have been persistent and Adwoa Sarfo seems unavailable for change and this is why she needs to face her own side of the beatable drum. She has been asked by the privilege committee to give a submission on these behaviors and what her possible reasons are.

She seems to be the only female who has earned her place in the chamber for truancy and certain unacceptable behaviors of the Parliament House and according to the privilege committee, enough is enough. An earlier comment from her suggested that she can not be taken off her position by anyone except Nana Addo and this seems to have been her only reason for not listening to anyone except her boss, Nana Addo who she claims she answers to. Is she the prodigal daughter of the chamber who goes and come when she wants and feel she can not be touched? Is there any way she can be directed through any form of legal punishment for these misconducts? Her current attitude towards work could be a hinderance from winning her seat again in the coming elections.

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