Popular Ghanaian Tiktoker Asantewaa Curses A Lady After Calling Her Husband A Fool

This article Is not meant for advertisement but rather to enlighten people about some trending stories that have gotten viral after a popular Ghanaian tiktoker Known much to be called Queen Of Tiktok has gotten into a fight with a lady on Tiktok.

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The incident all began after Popular TikTok Asantewaa made a video with his most seen guy Cassius with a romantic song, in the video Asantewaa is seen lying on him and they romantically enjoying their moon which triggered the attention of a young lady to comment.After this comment was given by the lady who is known by the name Self_love46 on Tiktok Asantewaa has fallen off her mood and has given her the greatest curse as it hurts the feeling of our beloved Asantewaa.In the video posted just this morning, Asantewaa is seen with writing which says, “To tell your fellow human that is married to a fool, wow May Gods wrath come upon you and your family if my husband is one of the wisest on earth Amen” she says as she’s seen in a sorrow mood.

The link to the video has been posted below:


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