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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Meet The 26 Years Old Lady Who Is Physically Challenged But She Is A Seamstress With 5 Apprentices

A 26 years old lady named Faustina Gabla from Kyekyewere in Obuasi is physically challenged but she is a seamstress who has lots of customers. The lady stated that her parents gave birth to 7 children, she is their first child and also the only one who is disabled and has never walked ever since she was born. Because of her condition, she was not able to go to school but she is very intelligent.

Faustina chose to learn dressmaking so that she will not be dependent on her parents and other siblings. With the help of her madam, she was able to acquire all the skills she needs to know in sewing. Faustina retells that after she completed learning the sewing, she was not able to get her own shop to start working in it due to financial problems. She didn’t lose hope but she started working in one of the rooms in the uncompleted building she is staying in for three years now.

The lady again said she is among the best seamstresses in their town and has lots of customers, she also has five apprentices who are also determined to learn sewing skills from her. According to Faustina, sometimes he gets tired when she sits in one place for a long period but she is determined to serve all her customers. She concluded that she needs a better place to stay and also a shop to work in it.

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Faustina Gabla
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