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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Achimota Forest Saga: We Will Slaughter 1,000 Cows On The Land And Bring Down The Skyscrapers – Kwao

The Head of the Nii Odoi Kwao family at Osu in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, Nii Odoi Kwao II threatens the government which will attempt to sell or even take the land in the Achimota Forest.

Nii Odoi Kwao II claims the land in the Achimota Forest is for the people of Osu because George Nii Owoo never gave birth until he died and for that matter, no bloodline of the Owoo’s family exists but due to properties, some residents in the Greater Accra Region have faked their name to Owoo just to acquire the properties.

Nii Odoi Kwao II said anyone who will attempt to take the land in the Achimota Forest should be ready to bear the consequences because he is going to import one thousand (1,000) cows and slaughter their blood on the land.

Nii Odoi Kwao II also said he will demolish all the Skyscrapers that were built on part of the land in the Achimota Forest, especially the ones that were stolen from them.

Watch the video linked here.

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