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Which One Is A Dangerous Job, Being A Side Chick Or A Married Woman; Video Of Lady Hanging On Window

Interestingly, a woman who is believed to be a side chick has been caught on camera trying to hide away from the wife of the man that she is a side chick to.

In this video, you can identify vividly that a woman is seriously searching her matrimonial bedroom to see whether there is another woman in the room with her husband at that very moment. Looking at how certain this woman is, it could possibly be that someone who happens to be a neighbor or her well wisher might have told her that her husband has brought another woman to their matrimonial home.

The wife of the man cheating, was actually seen roaming around in the bedroom filled with anger. All this while, her husband was convincing her that he is alone in the room. Surprisingly, the side chick that the wife was searching around for, had made her way out of the bedroom through the nearest window. And unfortunately for the side chick, she couldn’t escape because the mansion was a storey building and so she had no other option than to hang up on the edge of the window. She was only seen wearing her brassiere and pant.

If I may ask, what if she slips and fall down, who will be held responsible?

Without much I do, kindly scroll down to follow the link and watch the video;


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