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Natural way to cure asthma

Asthma has sadly claimed so many precious lives millions of years now .

We had tried our best in the managing of the disease. These days, the world is returning to it’s root.The natural herb. Nature has provided us with a lot of herbs that can be used as medicine.

Today I’m glad to announce to you that asthma can be treated through the plant in the picture above.

Euphorbia-hirta is the English name, common name is Asthma plant. It’s Ewe language depend on uses “Adefoma”, Mamagborvi”, “Nortsigbe”, “Xosese”, and many others It’s a weed but very powerful in healing of asthma and cancer as well as infection.

Get the fresh leaves.crush to make tea or special stew. Take it thrice in a week for three months non stop.

It’s not scientifically proven, therefore I advise you not to solely depend on it totally. Seek medical care once you notice the symptoms of an asthmatic reactions.

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