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From France to Germany, Tracey Boakye’s photos with family brighten the internet.

Tracey Boakye is a Ghanaian actor and entrepreneur. She owns a movie production firm called Shakira Movie Production as wells as Shakira Entertainment. Tracey also owns Signature Unisex Salon and Tracey Boakye Foundation.

Tracey was a young lady in her twenties where she left her mom in the UK and began to explore her talents. She was not the type who loved to be regular in class however became a school dropout along side.

Though inspired by her parents and guardians, her love was always to be seen in the movie set. Couple of years in the movie industry has paved so many advantages to her. She is now an entrepreneur and a sort out personality.

Tracey Boakye’s photos in France to celebrate her daughter’s birthday was so marvelous. Currently in Germany per her posts on Instagram, she looks lovely as well.

View her photos in these two locations with her family that has brightened the internet.

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