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Reasons Why You Should Not Be Too Available For A Woman

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For someone, the most important thing in life is to focus on yourself, your goals and ideals and be very important to yourself; Women can be second. However, most men today value women beyond their responsibilities.

Since most men are with women all the time, they rarely take it or take it seriously. If you are too approachable, a woman will never take you seriously.

Women are attracted to men who are focused on themselves, but how can you focus on yourself when you still want to be with him, when you want to keep calling and checking on him, and why are you with him? You are so irreplaceable? Think of the value this woman gave me; otherwise she is like any other girl.

If you are always available to a woman, watching her and just spending every moment with her, she will notice and feel that you don’t have anything productive and meaningful in your life and she will think that you are anxious and not a big guy. because a very valuable man is trying to build himself up and the harsh reality is that he will only stay with a very precious man but what you do is who you are.

Spending time with a woman can make you curious, but the prospect of her reaching out to you can offend her given how passionate you are about her. When you spend most of your time with a woman, she begins to see you as a scared, weak, and unlucky man with low standards and self-confidence.

Instead of focusing solely on women, focus on creating and winning value for yourself, because as a man, your first goal is to create significant value for yourself. A moderate man only gives part of his attention to the woman he loves.

He will want to be with you and will always be loyal to you once you gain respect for yourself. I have experienced this and I can guarantee you that excessive contact with women will get you nowhere.

Focus on being a moderate guy because women are attracted to such men and want to spend time with them. Apply what you have learned so far in your daily life and see how the world of your encounters changes. Focus on yourself first and watch as women try to understand you while still being there for you.

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