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Samuel Abu Jinapor Called Out After These Massive Properties In Just Four Years Leaked Online

Samuel Abu Jinapor is a Lawyer and a member of parliament for Damango. He has been elected as the member of parliament for this constituency for four years of less and has amassed wealth for himself in a way that most people are surprised about. The manner in which politicians are amassing these wealths for themselves whiles not having their properties scrutinized and investigated is one of the reasons why politicians are doing whatever they please in this country. In other countries, people in power who are seen to be making lots of properties and having fleet of cars need to answer to other authorities on where these wealths come from.

The most recent issue of the late Sir John’s Will or Testament is what is making people call out and investigate these people and their properties. Mr Jinapor has reportedly built himself a luxurious apartment for himself together with several other properties which he owns. He was a young man who has just gotten the chance to represent a constituency in parliament. Hence this massive wealth and properties in just a period of four years according to Kelvin Taylor and most of his followers need to be investigated.

Posts about the house and properties are going viral and people are adding their voices to the already growing audience. Several other measures should be taken to curb the increment of unnecessary spendings and heavy budgets which is doing Ghana no good. Failure to be open about these issues will do nothing but harm the economy or the country in general. Ghana is not free anymore and people are scared of the future and how much will be left of this country for the younger ones to live on. People even believe that we as a country might have all of our resources sold in just a few years to come.

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Samuel Abu Jinapor
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