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How Date Rush decent lady Nana Aidoo received the most ‘fans’ whilst Raphael grabs Linda Smith

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This article will touch on the uniqueness of one of the Date rush contestants who received so many “fans” or praises even though all the gentlemen did not notice her. She is in the person of Nana Aidoo. We will also look at how Linda Smith won the heart of Raphael.

In this edition, one date rush contestant who seems to receive all the accolades is in the person of Nana Aidoo. Even though Raphael did not choose her making her leave the stage without a date, many viewers have dropped heartwarming comments to appreciate her for various reasons. In fact, Nana Aidoo was not the kind of person who pushed herself to be liked on the stage and both Kingsley and Raphael said she did not meet their requirements due to her physique. One thing that she said when Kingsley said she wants someone with a backside is that she would still try her luck by keeping her rush on. As expected, she was rejected by the two gentlemen on that fateful day. On social media, Praise Kafui remarked that she did not know why men would leave such a nice girl. Blessing Serwaa also commented that she wants to give her to her elder brother who is desperately looking for a “marriage material’ for a serious relationship. Eric Smith also explained that he likes the lady because of her smile .

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Raphael, who said he was skilled at sign languages, said he wanted a beautiful lady to match his needs. He explained that he was also pursuing a postgraduate qualification even though he does not have a car. Raphael seemed to have won many hearts on the show but he chose Linda Smith, a Liberian beautiful lady who was highly eloquent. He explained that he chose Linda because she expressed so much interest in his “sign language career ‘ and many believe these two would become a wonderful match .

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One could tell from the excitement on the faces of Raphael and Linda that they both want each other . Date Rush ! every one deserves love !

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