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Monday, July 4, 2022

Popular Tv Presenter Sets To Divorce His Wife Because Of Anita Akuffo?

This article is not meant for advertisement or rather to enlighten people about some trending stories across the group as a popular TV presenter said to divorce his wife after allegedly cheating.

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The young presenter has been cited for allegedly cheating on his wife, Rita Nyann with two mistresses of TV3, Anita Akuffo and Cookie Tee.

Things have become more serious as Thierry Nyann is allegedly divorcing his wife for Anita Akuffo. As this got online Mrs Rita Nyann shared an inspirational quote that suggests that whatever is going on, she is ready to overcome it.

According to her, she’s going to be courageous and mood to fight it to the end even if it means sacrificing herself. She noted on her social media to be like Esther in the Bible to be bold to hold her esteem.

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