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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Mother poisons daughter to death because her stepfather didn’t like her

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A Nigerian woman who was blinded by love has gone as far as killing her own daughter with her former partner to please another man she recently got married to.

This horrific story was re-shared by a lady on Twitter named Sisi Yemmie after one of the woman’s children appeared on a radio program to expose his mother.

According to her post, the man said his mother confessed to him that she was coerced to commit the heinous crime because her new husband did not like his stepdaughter and complained a lot about living with her in the same house. 

Sisi Yemmie tweeted: ”I just heard this guy on the radio say his mom killed his sister because his step father did not like his sister & was always complaining. So his mom poisoned her. You killed your child for a man???!!!

“The mother confessed to her son later, so it’s confirmed gist. That she had to kill the girl cos her husband was stressing her so much over the girl staying with them.

“Because the things people do in /for/ because of marriage dey scary.

“Save marriage” “save marriage”… is marriage the road to heaven???”

See the tweet below:

This story would’ve been hard to believe if it was circulated as a rumour. But coming from the woman’s own son, this underlines the

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