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What I Found Inside A Bag I Had Stolen That Change My Life Of Crime; I’m A Reformed Robber- Fredrick

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Poverty and a lack of jobs have led to many individuals ending up in jail, dying young, committing crimes, and having regrets. Fredrick Okinda, a guy who goes by the name Fredrick, has described how he was moved and what caused him to repent and stop stealing. Frederick was born into an impoverished family. His father was late, and his mother had to work as a worker to feed the family.

Frederick was a high school dropout searching for a fast buck. The robbery was presented to him by his pals. They would steal from a store. Frederick was since he could now adequately feed himself and his family, but he desired to be wealthy, so he joined the major gangs. They handed him a pistol and instructed him to steal a car as his first task

Frederick said that while his four buddies were slain by the police during the operation, he somehow managed to escape. Frederick returned to stealing on the street, grabbing phones, robbing stores, and snatching and running after realizing how hazardous the profession was. Frederick continued to steal until he attacked a lone mom working with her kid one day. She instructed him to take the bag and make good use of what was inside as he threatened to knife her if she refused to give him her bag. Frederick dashed away with the suitcase in his hands.

He came to a halt someplace to empty the bag and remove the valuables, but when he opened it, all he found was a Bible. He was moved and, unable to throw away the Bible, returned home repentant and vowing to stop stealing. He said that after joining a church, he received a well- paying job without a degree.

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